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Direct Mail/E-mail Secret #1: A Highly Targeted List to People Who Desire Your Product, Service or Information

A short while back I wrote an e-mail campaign for one of my clients in the personal development industry. The campaign was for a 5-day promotional campaign and involved a series of e-mails leading up to the promotion, several e-mails to send out during the promotion and, of course, a special sales page just for that promotion.

The first day of the promotion the web-based sales page converted 19% of all visitors to paying customers. That’s an incredible conversion rate for any campaign.

Although I’d like to say that my brilliant copywriting deserved all the credit, no copy—no matter how good—can generate a 19% conversion rate when sent to just anyone. The copy was good; so was the promotion plan, the offer and the product. But what really sent that conversion rate soaring was the list of people my client sent the e-mails to.

My client had a list of people to whom he was sending his weekly e-zine to—people who had previously expressed interest in the very product he was promoting. He didn’t buy a list from a list broker or hire a distribution company to distribute his campaign e-mails. He carefully cultivated his list over several years and now has a list of e-mail addresses of people interested specifically in what he has to offer.

The first secret to a highly successful direct mail or e-mail campaign is to send your promotion only to people who have demonstrated an interest in your product/services or similar products and services. Of course, the best list is one that you cultivate yourself, as my client did. But purchased lists work almost as well as long as they are highly targeted.

When purchasing a list, whether for traditional mailing or for e-mailing, make sure the list you purchase fits your target demographic, including age range, income level, gender, and buying habits. Most of all, make sure the list contains only people who have previously purchased products and services similar to or related to the product or service you are promoting. It’s no use trying to sell Omaha Steaks to vegetarians. Your list broker should have that data on file. If he/she doesn’t, find another broker.

So there’s Secret #1 on Generating Huge Response and Outstanding Profits from your next direct mail or e-mail campaign. Next time we’ll discuss Secret #2: Research that Identifies the Desires and Fears and Uncovers a Fresh Marketing Approach for Your Campaign.
If you’d like to learn more about how to generate your own list of highly-targeted prospects, give me a call at 419-371-2302 for a free 15-minute consultation. I can show you dozens of tools to help you generate your own customized list of targeted prospects.

John E. Fike

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Successful E-mail and Direct Mail Campaigns: 5 Secrets to Generating Huge Response and Outstanding Profits

Direct mail and e-mail campaigns can generate higher return on your investment dollar than any other form of marketing—when done correctly.

But if you’ve tried putting together a campaign for you business without the guidance of a direct mail/e-mail expert, you probably got dismal results from your campaign. When I look at failed campaigns—especially email campaigns on the Internet—they are missing 1 or more of five ingredients essential for a successful direct mail or e-mail campaign. Most failed campaigns lack 2-3 of these ingredients and some are missing all five!

Without these five ingredients your campaign efforts are wasted because you will not reach an audience that desires your product or service with a marketing message that appeals to them and motivates them to buy. Nor will you be able to test various parts of your campaign to make it even better and generate more response and more revenue.

The 5 Secrets to Generating Huge Response and Outstanding Profits are:

  1. A highly targeted list to people who desire your product, service or information
  2. Research that identifies the desires and fears and uncovers a fresh marketing approach for your campaign
  3. An outstanding offer that is difficult to reject
  4. Response mechanism that tracks response for testing and follow-up promotions
  5. Excellent product or service that excites customers and offers many benefits

Over the next week or so, I will be blogging about these 5 Secrets to Generating Huge Response and Outstanding Profits so that you will understand how to make your next direct mail or e-mail marketing campaign a huge success.

As I get the blog entries posted, the each of the five secrets above will become a live link to the appropriate post.

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At any time, if you wish to get more information about making your next direct mail or e-mail campaign a success, give me a call at 419-371-2302 or email me at for a free 15-minute consultation about your campaign.

John E. Fike

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