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The Marketing Power of Enthusiasm

One of the things you hear a lot in copywriting circles is that it doesn’t matter what you think about the product you’re selling, what matters is what the customer thinks. There is certainly a lot of truth to that, since the customer is the one doing the buying. On the other hand, I find it is extremely helpful to not only like your product, but to be enthusiastic about it and share that enthusiasm with your customers.

Enthusiasm gets attention. If you are excited about your product or service and display that excitement in your marketing, then people want to know what you’re excited about. Then you get a chance to explain why you’re excited and enthusiastic about your product or service; you get the opportunity to tell them how this incredible product or service you have will change their lives or improve their business. And that’s where the selling gets done.

As a copywriter, I find it ten times easier to write copy for a client who is enthusiastic about his or her product or service. Enthusiastic people like to talk about the thing they’re enthusiastic about—they want you to see the light and get enthusiastic too. So they share everything about it. When I ask one question of an enthusiastic person, I get an answer that might take 10 to 20 questions to get from someone who is not enthusiastic.

A client who is enthusiastic about their product or service also tends to get me interested in that product or service. When I’m interested in something, researching and writing about it seems almost effortless—words just sort of pour out onto the page. Of course, the reality is that I’ve gathered a lot of information about it and developed a plan of attack to write about it and put a lot of work into it. But like any work that is enjoyable, writing about products and services that capture my interest just doesn’t seem like work.

And it will seem that way to your customers too. If your enthusiasm helps capture the interest of your customers they will be driven to find out more. They’ll research your product or service, they’ll ask questions, they’ll look for reasons to buy, and they’ll do it because they’re interested—because they caught your enthusiasm.

Now here’s the caveat. I’m not talking about being bubbly or faking enthusiasm. I’m not talking about using hype and hyperbole to seem enthusiastic. Those are just tricks that your customers will easily see through. I’m talking about a genuine, deep-down belief that your product or service provides great value to your customers and that people are missing out if they don’t buy from you.

When someone has this kind of enthusiasm for your product or service, whether it’s you, your copywriter or your customer, it causes them to ferret out all the details and look at all the different ways that product or service will benefit someone. These details supply the support and evidence that your product or service is as awesome as you say it is. The result is great marketing copy and high-volume sales to customers who are excited about your product or service.

In essence, your marketing and sales copy will go much better if you first sell yourself on your product or service and become an enthusiastic believer before you try to sell others on it.

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