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Don't Spam Your Customers: Keep Marketing Messages Relevant and Targeted

Great article by David Cross on Internet Rant about what is really spam and what isn't. It's all about relevancy. If your readers are interested in what you have to say, then it's not spam to them regardless of whether they asked to get your email or not. Meanwhile, even if the reader signed up for your email, if your message is irrelevant he or she will think of it as spam. This is not the legal definition though, so don't try to defend it in court if you send unsolicited email.

However, this concept is not limited to email. If your advertising is irrelevant or not of interest to the people who read it, then it is just noise and clutter. Make sure you're targeting all your advertisements and promotions to people with an interest in your product or service and keep your messages relevant and interesting.

Read the article by David Cross: One Man's Meat Is Another Man's Spam

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