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How to Get More Exposure in the News and Gain Top-of-mind Awareness Among Your Prospects and Customers

How many times have you just glossed over an advertisement in a newspaper or tossed away somebody's brochure that came in the mail?

Pretty frequently, I bet.

But if there was a news story or even a news brief on the same page as the ad, you probably read it. And if you received a newsletter or bulletin in the same stack of mail as the brochure, you probably at least looked it over and noticed who sent it before shuffling it to the round file.

Get in the news
Whereas people are often unwilling to spend time reading an advertisement or sales copy, they are perfectly happy to catch up on the news. That's why news releases and other forms of publicity and public relations are a vital part of your marketing program.

When I was a journalist, news briefs and articles about a business or event often got more response than an advertisement for the same business or event. That's because the news allows you to include more details and put it in a context that readers find interesting.

John E. Fike Copywriting Services has the journalism background to write news releases so that your business will get in the news and get more notice.

Maintain top-of-mind awareness
But public relations doesn't stop with sending an occasional news release to local media outlets. By sending announcements, news releases or news updates to your list of clients and prospects, you maintain a position at the forefront of their minds and they are aware of you and what you do when they have need of your services. Are you launching a new product or service? Are you holding a special event? Are you publishing a book or have you made a breakthrough on a new technology? Your clients and prospects want to know about anything slightly new or out of the usual, so get the word out.

Be in the spotlight
Promotional articles are feature stories about you or your business that might get published in a newspaper or magazine. The article highlights you, tells how you do what you do and how you've satisfied other customers. Promotional articles can be a profile about your business or a case study that shows how you solved a problem for someone else.

Increase your online presence
You can also publish announcements and news releases to a variety of online news agencies and include links to your web site to increase traffic to your site and boost your site's rankings in the search engines.

News topics for your business:
  • Receiving or renewing accreditation of any sort

  • Starting a new program

  • Any event, program or promotion

  • Education advancement

  • Rankings advancement among peers

  • New discovery or product launch

  • Adding a new employee or partner

  • New facilities or expansions

  • Speaking engagement, clinic or public appearance
John E. Fike Copywriting Services can provide you with many kinds of public relations vehicles, saving you time and hassle. Call us for a free consultation on how to use news releases and public relations to build top-of-mind awareness among your target customers.

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