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Here's how I'll work with you on your project:

When you decide to hire me, we'll sit down and establish the scope of your project and its objectives and deadlines. Then I'll determine the time it will take to complete your project and quote you a price range for the project. When we come to an agreement on terms for the work, I'll write up a short contract or bid letter that we'll both sign. In most cases, one-third (33%) of the projected cost will be required before I begin work on your project.

Usually, the price of your project will be based on the amount of time I expect the project to take multiplied by by hourly rate of $75. Non-profit organizations providing community services can qualify for a 10% rate discount. For larger projects, payment will be made in increments as the project moves toward completion. Such payment increments will be outlined in the contract or bid letter.

In the first phase , I'll develop a plan and approach for your project that you will need to approve before I continue. Then I'll prepare a first draft for you to review and suggest changes. Your contract price will include two rounds of draft changes. Once you approve the final draft, you'll receive the full text prepared in the format stipulated in the contract, which is usually a word or text document sent to you in an e-mail.

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Contact Me

Here's how to contact me:

E-mail: john(AT)

Phone: 1-419-371-2302

Fax: 1-937-913-0346

Mailing Address:

John E. Fike
621 Faurot Ave.,
Lima, Ohio 45801

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